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A Community Service of the Rotary Club of Lake Chelan

We repurpose all types of used glass into useful products, which we provide to the City of Chelan for public works projects and sell to local residents for a modest fee to help fund our costs of operation.

911 Glass Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit under the Internal Revenue Code.

Glass is easily recycled and repurposed

The mission of 911 Glass Rescue is to “rescue” used glass from the landfill, thus also saving local landfills from early demise. Each year Americans dispose of 9-11 million tons of glass, mostly as trash, despite the fact that glass is easily recycled and repurposed into useful new products. Our operation “saves” both glass and landfill.

Transforming glass into new uses

With help from our partners, the City of Chelan, County of Chelan, and Washington Department of Ecology, as well as numerous generous sponsors, we purchased a state-of-the-art glass pulverizing system. Our Andela 05L system crushes 1-2 tons of glass per hour, turning it into a fine sand and an aggregate with rounded edges.


Saturdays  10 a.m. to noon

By the Chelan Transfer Station: 23235 Highway 97A (Across from Walmart)

Bring your relatively-clean glass bottles, jars and ceramics to the City of Chelan Recycle Center on any Saturday between 10 a.m. and noon. You will be charged a modest fee according to weight to help defray our costs. Then take some of our product home to experiment and play with!

For bulk purchases, we are pleased to partner with Bob’s Apple Barrel Bark of Wenatchee and Chelan Manson. Contact Bob’s at 509-663-3833 (Wenatchee) or 509-687-2275 (Chelan/Manson). Website:

Potential Uses for Glass Sand and Aggregate

Potential uses for pulverized glass range from decorative applications and art projects to landscaping/agricultural uses, water filtration, and more!


Art Projects



Glass Countertops



Septic Drainfields

Water Filtration

Our Partners & Sponsors